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Here's how you can connect with us. For general feedback, complaints and enquiries you can: - Whatsapp us: 0561112777 - Call us on our Toll Free number: 0800 23456 - For bulk orders: 0244424045 - email us:

You can check out our Facebook page for everything going on at Melcom! Including our new store openings. You can also check out our adverts, call our customer care number, or visit our company website.

Please send an application to

Melcom Super Saver Card

Melcom Super Saver cards are discount cards that save you 5% on purchases worth ₡100.00+ everyday at Melcom, and 10% on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. And now we're giving you MORE from your Super Saver card! We've partnered with top hotels, restaurants, spas and more to give you the best deals outside Melcom! Visit any of our partners with your card and save up to 15% instantly!

Once you sign up for a Melcom Super Saver card, anytime you shop at one of our stores show your Super Saver card when you are about to pay at the cashier and instantly receive 5% off purchases worth Ghc50 or more!

It's easy! Kindly walk into any Melcom store and ask about the Super Saver card. You will be asked to fill in a form and purchase the card for a low fee of Ghc10 for the card. You will then be asked to register the card with a valid ID, your email address and/or phone number. Your card will then be activated in 24 hours.

Once you sign up for your Melcom Super Saver card, anytime you shop at one of our stores, show your Super Saver card when you are about to pay at the cashier and instantly receive 5% off purchases worth Ghc100 or more! When using your Super Saver card outside of Melcom, make sure you show the card to the attendant when you walk in or whilst as you are placing your order for your food or service, to be able to get the discount. See our Facebook page for more details.

Melcom Value Added Products

Melcom Gift Vouchers

A Melcom Gift Voucher is a unit of currency, which can be used to purchase any products in Melcom stores nationwide. Melcom Gift Vouchers are at the very forefront of modern corporate reward systems, enhancing employee performance, loyalty, and building brand. They are the perfect way to say “thank you” to your best performing workers. With their high level of security, Melcom has designed a product that is not only secure but also attractive and projects a monetary value whether using our standard design or having a completely bespoke product to reward your workers.

Melcom Gift Vouchers can be purchased and redeemed at all Melcom Stores nationwide. For Bulk orders you can contact

Yes, all gift vouchers can be personalized with a company’s logo and details. Companies can choose from a selection of background designs or submit their own artwork for custom co-branded gift vouchers.

Yes, they are valid for a period of 1 year.

Melcom Hire Purchase Scheme

The Hire Purchase Scheme is a “Buy Now Pay Later” program offered from Melcom to all our valued customers. Customers have the option to select the products they wish to buy, get a Proforma Invoice issued by the Melcom store they want to get the items from, and visit a uniBank for a loan to pre-pay the invoiced amount. Once uniBank approves this loan and makes payment to Melcom, the customer can pick up the items purchased from the store. Customers can then repay uniBank in structured payment installments.

No, customers will not be charged interest with this offer.

A minimum of Ghc300 worth of products must be purchased at Melcom to be considered for this scheme. Customers can purchase up to Ghc10,000 worth of products.

Yes, you must have or set up a bank account with uniBank to qualify for this offer (uniBank has certain laid down criteria that must be adhered to.


Please send an email with any job inquiries to

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Just walk into our Head office at Kaneshie and ask for a hard copy. There are also soft copies available for download on our website.

Melcom Headquarters is located at the old Melcom store in North Industrial Area at
2nd Palace Link Road, Off Dadeban Road, North Industrial Area
P.O. Box 3920, Accra, Ghana
You can contact us via:
Tel: +233 302 251784/5/6/7/8
Fax: +233 0302 245963