Melcom Hospitality

Our mission is to indulge our customers by providing a long lasting taste of freshness from the products we serve, using quality ingredients at a fair price. We are committed to ensuring that every customer receives prompt, professional and first class service.

The food and beverage segment of Melcom Hospitality has been designed to suit the lifestyle of our customers.

MCafe provides our customers with a family friendly place to relax, hold meetings, meet up with old friends or make new ones. It has a “feel at home” ambiance.  Come by in the morning and pick up a freshly baked pastry, a glass of fresh juice, a cup of coffee or a sandwich for your hearty breakfast. At lunch hours, you can order rice with chicken, fresh salad, sandwiches or a snack. We offer a variety of sweet treats as well.

Baker’s Basket offers our customers a complete line of freshly baked breads, assorted pastries, cakes and a whole lot more of tasty treats everyday! All our products are made from renowned Baker’s Basket recipes and carefully selected ingredients. From luncheons to holiday gatherings, our pastries and desserts are perfect for every occasion. Just walk in and treat yourself!

We also offer catering services for your parties, office functions and all types of events. Contact us for further information.