Working at MGC

George Michael Essel

George Essel began his career at Crown Star in 1996 as Sales Assistant. Within some years, he was asked to join the marketing team due to his zeal, passion for the job and great customer service skills. He earned another promotion in the department as Assistant Manager – Marketing. George Essel has worked his way to the top and he is currently the Marketing Manager of Melcom Group of Companies. He attributes his success to members of management for all the opportunities offered to him and for continuously supporting his professional growth and development.

“I was given the necessary recognition by the Company for contributing to its goals and was rewarded for my efforts time and time again and that kept me going. I am currently the Marketing Manager for Melcom and urge all colleagues not to be scared of starting small.”

Joyce Lamptey

Joyce Lamptey joined Melcom Group in 2005 as Import Officer. Although she had no experience in Freight Forwarding, her “ready to learn” attitude and “can do spirit” paved the way for her to excel in her department. Joyce beat the odds and elevated from “employee with no experience” to Assistant Import Manager with ten (10) Import Officers assisting her in her duties. From her humble beginning 10 years ago as a Data Entry Clerk to Assistant Import Manager; Joyce continues to aspire for greatness through her hard work and dedication to the company.

“Melcom Group offered me the opportunity to upgrade myself academically on the same line of work, through which I have acquired knowledge and gained experience. Working with Melcom has offered me the opportunity to meet people across all spheres of life and broadened my horizon. Melcom Group has helped me find my passion for work and still gives me room to aspire for greater heights.”

George Ogyiri

George Oyiri is currently Warehouse Manager in charge of Warehouse #19. George joined Crown Star Electronics Industry as an Electrical Technician Trainee in 1999. He worked hard in his department and focused on creating a positive environment. George attributes his success to the support he got from his superiors and the continuous opportunities offered to him by the company.

“A journey from 1999 to date had its glorious moments and its challenges of which we have been able to go through successfully. Progressively, I have risen up from those humble beginnings to become Warehouse Manager in charge of Warehouse #19 through the recommendation of managers and support of the management.”

Selorm Setsofia

Selorm Setsofia was hired 8 years ago as Assistant Merchandiser with no background in retailing and merchandising. He was offered the opportunity to learn on the job which he took seriously. Selorm with his team were able to increase the supermarket product range which directly has witnessed the opening of the supermarket in most outlets. As Melcom Group continued to grow and develop, so did Selorm’s role in the department. He was promoted to Senior Assistant Merchandiser, the position he currently holds with twelve (12) Assistant Merchandisers assisting him in his duties.

“Working in Melcom has offered me opportunity to meet people from all walks of life which has broadened my horizon and developed the culture of working. Each day in Melcom comes with its own challenges and lessons to be learnt.”

George Manortey

George Manortey began his career at Crown Star in 1999 as Line Technician. Within 3 months, he was promoted to Senior Technician. He continued to earn promotions in the department and rose from Supervisor to Senior Supervisor. His loyalty, hard work and continuous service to the company was acknowledged. George Manortey was promoted to Deputy Manager at Crown Star Service Center, a position he currently holds.

“I was promoted to Senior Technician after just 3 months of joining Crown Star as Line Technician. In the course of time, I was promoted to Supervisor and after 8 months, I was promoted again to Senior Supervisor. In 2012, I was promoted to Deputy Manager at Crown Star Service Center after 10 years of continuous service. I am excited to see what the future holds at Crown Star.”

Bismarck Puplampu Jnr

One of my basic principles is that there’s always a massive commitment to finish what one starts. Working with Melcom Group of Companies has been a great experience. The key however is that no matter what the success of the business, my team members’ positive attitude towards work always remains the same and being a part of this infectious positivity and enthusiasm has been my drive over the past five years since I joined the advertising and creative department.

The successful growth of the Melcom brand is mostly attributed to the emotions and trust that help create a relationship between brands and their consumers, which in the long run ensures brands and consumers’ loyalty.

Also the advertising and creative department of Melcom Group of Companies, always come up with the best advertising strategies that helps improve and constantly enhances the perception of the Melcom brand. This is achieved through specific advertising campaigns which makes the brand less vulnerable to competitive marketing in Ghana.

The effective communication during our monthly promotional campaigns helps boost footfalls at the shop levels and also yields to the stability of the brand in the local market. Consumer satisfaction is the prime focus of the Melcom brand which over the years has translated into a wider customer base, increased sales and generated revenue growth.